General Terms and Conditions – ENGLISH

This version of the General Terms and Conditions of Advertising Device Rental is an integral part of the Order or the Advertising Device Rental Agreement concluded between the Lessors, company DIGIpromo s.r.o., located Prague 10, Na Třebešíně 599/24, ZIP 100 00, ID 63669790; Spirit Consulting, located Prague 10, Na Třebešíně 599/24, ZIP 100 00, ID 12516449,  VAT ID CZ470725164 and the Rentor.

  1. The subject of the lease according to the Order or Lease Agreement is the advertising device specified in the Order or Lease Agreement, hereinafter referred to as the “Device”. The Lessor declares that the rented device is fit for normal use.
  2. The leased Device remains the property of the Lessor throughout the lease.
  3. The Lease Agreement is concluded for a fixed period of time specified in the Order or Lease Agreement.
  4. The Rentor is obliged to pay a deposit according to the relevant pricelist (unless otherwise agreed), valid on the day of order confirmation or contract conclusion. The Lessor shall return the deposit to the Rentor if the Rentor has fulfilled all obligations mentioned in the Order and the Lease Agreement, especially if the Rentor returns the undamaged Device to the Lessor within the agreed time. The Lessor may use the deposit to pay all monetary receivables going behind the Rentor, resulting from the concluded lease.
  5. If the Rentor returns the Device later than 12 hours on the day following the end of the lease according to the Order or Lease Agreement, this is considered a breach of the Order or Lease Agreement and the Rentor is in this case obliged to pay the full rent with an extra fee of 100% for each day (even commenced).
  6. The Rentor is obliged to pay the rent to the Lessor according to the lessor’s pricelist (or according to individually agreed price), valid on the date of Order confirmation or Lease Agreement. Rent is paid for each day of renting the Device (one day means a period of 24 hours from the moment of handover and takeover of the goods) with the exception of the date on which the Device was handed over to the Rentor, if it happened after 12 hours. Rent for the entire agreed period will be paid by the Rentor to the Lessor in advance when confirming the Order or concluding the contract (unless otherwise agreed).
  7. The Rentor is obliged to secure the rented Device so as not to cause any damage at the place of use. The Rentor is liable for all such damages incurred at the time of the lease.
  8. The Rentor is liable for damages incurred on the rented Device. By signing the transfer protocol of the Device, the Rentor also confirms that it has taken over the Device in a condition fit for normal use and that it has been advised of its use.
  9. The Rentor is entitled to use the Device only for the purpose for which it is intended by the manufacturer.
  10. The Rentor is not entitled to lease, lend or let the leased Device to other business or non-business persons.
  11. The Rentor is not authorized to manipulate the Device and make any changes or modifications to the rented Device.
  12. Breach of any of the obligations set in Articles 5, 6, 9, 10 and 11 of these Terms and Conditions is considered a breach of the Order or Lease Agreement.
  13. The price includes transport in Prague to the place where the Device will be placed vertically, its professional start-up and explanation. Further relocation or installation into adjacent areas is handled individually and at an additional cost. In case of transport outside Prague, the price is based on the valid price list.
  14. The Rentor is responsible for the content running on the leased Device. The content must be set up for the hardware and software features of the Device. In case of any need to correct the Rentor’s content by the Lessor, it is solved individually and for an additional fee.
  15. By signing the Order or the Lease Agreement, the Rentor confirms:
    • understands that in the event of delay in returning the leased Device, the Lessor is entitled to seek further extradition through civil or criminal proceedings;
    • In case of loss or damage, must pay the full cost or repair of the Device immediately and in cash;
    • grants the Lessor permission to collect and process the Rentor’s personal data, as specified in the Order and in the Lease Agreement, specially for the purposes of its own business and customer records;
    • all provided information for the purposes of concluding the Order and the Leas are true;
    • has accepted these General Business Terms and Conditions for the Rental of Advertising Device as an integral part of the Order or the Lease Agreement and that it agrees to these Terms and Conditions without reservation.
  16. In matters not expressly regulated by the Lease Agreement with these Terms and Conditions, the lease relationship is governed by the relevant provisions of the applicable legislation of the Czech Republic.